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[Sep. 12th, 2016|12:59 pm]
I am typing in this post from a computer, I don't even remember the last time I did that. Told Justin we should look into selling our computers and saving up for one new one, iMac, of course. I was trying to load up some paperwork for refinancing and I had the entire thing downloaded on my phone and emailed it to myself before the computer could even load the second log in page on Turbotax. Pretty damn slow. Gotta give this laptop some credit though, it's 10 years old and still functioning (albeit slowly functioning). Justin's desktop is only 4 years old and it's fucking useless. Can't connect to the internet without ethernet cord, is "low" on virtual memory (whatever the fuck that means), and doesn't even have Microsoft Office loaded onto it? ...why would a Microsoft computer not have Microsoft software on it? Stupid. He said if he ever moves into the office at his job he can work from home a couple days a week, but we'd need a new computer setup. His work might actually pay for part of that if it came down to it.

Putting in all the paperwork for refinancing. I originally called to see if I could lower my interest rate, because I keep getting mail about it from different mortgage companies. When I started getting emails about it from the company I'm already with I decided it's probably easier to just go through them. They already have all my paperwork. So, I can do a "no cash down" refinance (will have to pay for appraisal though), and hopefully it all goes through by closing date November 8th. I am pre-approved through the loan officer for a CONVENTIONAL loan! I have enough equity in the house already so I don't have to stay with FHA. With the new loan I won't be paying mortgage insurance anymore, which is currently $130 of my monthly payment. Unfortunately, with changing type of loan my interest rate actually went up 0.1%, but to be real, that's not that much. Anyway, after everything changes my monthly payment should go from $1247 to $1141 starting January. Not a huge change, but that's $100 to put elsewhere! Maybe next year I'll sign up for biweekly payments. I'll have more money going to principal that way.

I made an interest in a newer car for myself and Justin and my phone is now ringing off the hook. It's fucking obnoxious. FYI, don't make an interest in a car at a dealership until you're ready to buy, otherwise they won't leave you the fuck alone.

Found out my credit score is up to 757 so I'm almost to Grandma status credit, which I'm really proud of. hahah

Well Lydia about fell out of her swing just now. She woke up and decided to roll over so she was face down with her legs and booty already out of the swing by the time I checked on her. Ahhh no! Can't keep her out of my site anymore.